S.P.A.I.C. srl is a company born in 2007 as achademic spin-off, hosted in its early years by Incubatore Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino (I3P - Innovative Enterprises Incubator of Politecnico di Torino).

S.P.A.I.C. has strong relationships with Research Team ASSET (AeroSpace System Engineering Team) led by prof. Sergio Chiesa, from Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aeronautica e Spaziale del Politecnico di Torino: several members of  ASSET are shareholders of S.P.A.I.C.

As an achademic spin-off,  S.P.A.I.C.’s mission is to engineer and develop prototypes of technological systems derived as research topics at Dipartimento di Politecnico di Ingegneria Aeronautica e Spaziale

S.P.A.I.C. performs study, design, consulting, engineering of products with high technological contents and low cost, in the sectors of aerospace engineering, robotics and automation.

Services provided by S.P.A.I.C. are oriented to different market segments; our aim is to satisfy the needs of the following market targets:
• in the sector of space engineering we work in partnership both with Research Entities with the ambition to perform experiments in microgravity environment with affordable cost levels, and with Industries operating with national and European Space Agencies.  
• in robotics and automation sector we address to Entities with strong needs to improve automation for purposes of surveillance and security, for both indoor and outdoor environments  such as factories, museums, airports and seaports.