S.P.A.I.C. provides companies and other entities its own skills and experiences, achieved throughout years, for activities of design and support to design processes, feasibility studies, R.A.M.S. analysis and, in general, consulting in all fields of Systems Engineering, particularly in aerospace field.
Among the experiences achieved by S.P.A.I.C. In this branch of activity, it has to be mentioned the participation of S.P.A.I.C. at a study funded by ESA, named “Architectures for European Space Exploration”, aimed to assess the feasibility and to define operational scenarios for future Space Exploration Missions, both robotics and human. In this study  S.P.A.I.C. Participated since July ‘07 until January ‘09 together with some of the major european space industries, with a contract in the segment of In-space architecture, in which S.P.A.I.C. has been in charge of functional definition, early design development and mission profile definition of several architecture elements, such as satellites for scientific observation, for both Moon and Mars, pressurized modules for Space Stations, orbiting platforms for in-space Research, that may be developed by ESA in the next years. S.P.A.I.C.
Moreover, S.P.A.I.C. has performed several  activities about consulting and design verification, also in the field of structural FEM analysis.